Thursday, October 21, 2010


photo by Cindy

Snön vräker ner i Älmhult. På riktigt alltså. Det är vitt överallt och jag är förkrossad.
Jag fantiserar om att puttra runt på en vespa i New York utan mössa, vantar och tung halsduk. Om jag dagdrömmer riktigt riktigt ordentligt kanske det händer?

Translation: The snow is tumbling down in Älmhult. For real. The village is totally covered in white and I'm devastated.
Fantasizing about driving around on a vespa in New York without any beanie, gloves and heavy scarf. If I daydream strongly enough, maybe it will happen?



  1. You and me both, sister. Last week I was walking around Philadelphia in bare legs and a t-shirt. Which is about as uncommon to October there as snow is here, but still. If I had to pick uncommon Octobers... I'd pick the one that doesn't leave me freezing on a platform waiting for the train.

  2. You must miss it sooo much, especially during this time here grayer than grayest Sweden.
    And then there's the train delays... How do we cope, really?