Sunday, December 19, 2010



Söndagar är till för långa, stora, goda frukostar. Unna dig en brunch, sitt länge och njut av både mat, sällskap och morgontidning.
Min söndagsmorgon ser dock lite annorlunda ut med tvätt och filmjölk, men det har sin charm det också. Ska forsätta dagen med bak, träning och lite julklappsshopping.
Ha en riktigt skön dag.

Translation: Sundays are for brunch. Enjoy a long, relaxing morning with good food and the morning paper.
My Sunday morning looks a bit different with laundry and yoghurt, but that's fine too.
Will continue this day doing baking, exercise and some more Christmas shopping.
Have a lovely day.



  1. Yummyumm, I have to admit that I'm a brunch addict!
    Looking at these pictures I wish it was Sunday already! It's gonna be a x-mas brunch! Take care and have a great x-mas! xxx from Berlin!

  2. Yeah they are totally addictive, and especially the Berlin ones, I always leave totally stuffed with amazing food.
    Going back soon thank god (as if I won't get enough meatballs and herring for xmas)
    Have a lovely holiday! Xx from a freezing Malmö. (-19 cold enough?)