Monday, December 20, 2010


images shot by Aram Bedrossian

Hoppas ni alla haft en fin och mysig helg. Min var ganska effektiv, faktiskt (ja, det är inte så ofta de är det...) så därför känns måndagen inte så jobbig som den brukar. Å andra sidan är det ju julafton på fredag (jösses!), så den här veckan ser ju lite annorlunda ut.
Fasar dock lite inför att ta avsked av en hel klump underbara kolleger och vänner, min sista IKEA dag är fasligt nära.
Nåja, ikväll är vi ett gäng som ska ut och äta på ännu okänt ställe, det blir fint.

Translation: Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. As a matter of fact, mine was quite productive (yes, they are way too often very lazy), so this Monday is a good Monday. On the other hand, it's Christmas Eve on Friday (dear oh dear), so this week looks a little different than normally.
Although I am fearing the moment I have to say goodbye to a whole bunch of colleagues and friends, my last day at IKEA is getting very close.
Oh well, we're a nice group going out for dinner tonight, and that will be truly appreciated.


  1. So crazy that you only have a day or two left at ICOM. It will be weird to not see you around anymore :-(
    To answer the camera question: Yes! I can pick it up for you, just place the order and have them reserve it at the shop!

  2. I know, last day tomorrow.... Feels really weird now and I'm sure I will weeping like a fountain tomorrow when hugging everyone goodbye.
    I'll get in touch regarding camera, thanks a million!