Thursday, November 1, 2007

New job,

Well, I'm now an Art Director assistant at IKEA Communications, it's great, awsome opportunity, but everyone else seem more happy about my new job than I am? So why's that? First of all, I think I made myself more prepared to move back to Australia than I thought. Emotionally I was already there... And now when I got this job it messed up my mind a bit.
No Spain either, I'm starting on Monday.

I've given the whole thing a couple of days, and I'm starting to feel better about it, I'm even getting excited about the job! Only problem now is to find a flat, THAT could be a big challenge...

Anyway, we're still considering New Years in the ski slopes, we just need to organise accommodation and who's coming..

Next visit to Sydney will hopefully be in February-March 08.