Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cold, and 4 weeks till Xmas...

Just struggling with some layouts at work at the moment. Very hectic here, working long hours with stressful days..
It's getting really really cold, bought a new warm jacket the other day, I look like a giant... Snowed yesterday and today the sun's shining, well, for the few hours it's up.
Last weekend: played tennis (nowadays a highlight of my life), hung out with Vickan (priceless!) and did some freelance work (rubbish).
1st of December on Sunday, insane, I've been in Sweden for almost 5 months.......!! Not a day goes by without making plans to go back to Australia.. At least I get to open the first box in my chocolate calendar on Sunday! ;)

What do people want to do for New Years btw?

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