Friday, November 9, 2007

First week over

About to finish off my firt week at IKEA Communication. It's been.... slow. Not very well organised, got my computer TODAY. Excellent. However, I'm prepared to start work on Monday but could as well have been in Spain charging my batteries and build up some excitement for next week.
Anyway, I got a flat in Malmö for 3 months, it's a gorgeous 1 bedroom flat, abt 5-10 mins ride with bicycle from Central Station. Moving in dec 1st. Can't wait, commuting to work takes abt 2 hrs from where I am now..
Weekend plans: Tonight Friday - dinner and wine with mum, too exhausted to go out, getting up at 5 am is a pain...
Tomorrow - tennis, that's it. Sunday - some freelance work, gym and go to bed early for another 5am start on Monday morning.
Don't expect any drunken calls this weekend. Will try and have a healthy one....

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