Monday, August 29, 2011


© Hanna Skoog

Slängde ihop en bircher müsli i morse (förberedd från igår, läs recept här). Gott gott, men inte riktigt som Aunt Bennys...
Hursomhelst, första natten i nya lilla lyan, känns bra, riktigt bra. Helgen innebar med andra ord lite flytt, men jag
gjorde även en kul plåtning igår som ni ska få se lite längre fram. Och så blev det fest, och sommar.
En bra helg med andra ord.

Glad måndag!

Translation: Made a bircher muesli this morning (prepared last night thought, here's the recipe). Tasty, but not as good as Aunt Benny's...
Anyway, spent my first night at my new tiny flat, it feels really good (although this is definitely the last time I'm moving on my own again,
next time will be together with my man for sure).

My weekend involved, apart from moving stuff, a photoshoot which I will show pictures from later on, some party and a summer
comeback - my flip flops, which was halfway stored into my 'summerbox' together with sheer dresses and bikinis.

In other words, a good weekend.
Happy Monday to all of you!



  1. Yum! Will definitely try this. Where did you move?

  2. Do it!
    I moved in to Susanne's sons apartment next to Susanne haha. He's moved to Paris so that was handy. A tiny place on Östermalm.