Monday, August 8, 2011

Bye bye Berlin

Well, då var det dags att vinka adjö till Berlin och semestern för den här gången.
Fast det blir sällan en långvarig separation, jag lär vara tillbaka inom en väldigt snar framtid. Det har hursomhelst varit alldeles underbart! Men nu ska det bli riktigt kul att börja jobba igen.

Well, time to say goodbye to Berlin and this holiday, although I will be back in the wonderful
city very soon again. It's been 3 amazing weeks, and my batteries are definitely charged to take on some challenging tasks back in Sweden.

© hanna skoog



  1. Hej,

    I love Berlin as much as you, but I didn`t live that far away, really a great town....but I love sweden , too !!!!

    Best wishes from Bavaria,

  2. Hope you had an awesome vacation, sounds like it was nice and relaxing! The light in your photos is so wonderful.

  3. Så fina bilder vännen!! Speak soon! Kram

  4. Sanne, you've been to Sweden as well? Cool :)
    Thanks for your comment, so lovely!

    Vanessa, it was really great, I could have kept going for a few more weeks though... ;)

    Stina, tack sötast! Har mailat dig, kram!