Friday, November 26, 2010



photographer Katie Bell

Jag får alltid en speciell känsla när jag ser bilder från Berlin. Särskilt såna här stämningsfyllda fotografier. Lite ont i magen. Vill vara där liksom.
Här snöar det ute. Vi har precis fått lite glögg och pepparkakor på jobbet, så det är en fin och mysig stämning här också. Jag älskar verkligen fredagar. Ha en fin sådan!

Translation: I always get this special feeling when I see pictures from Berlin. Especially beautiful photographs like these. Stomach ache-want to be there-sort of feelings.
It's snowing here today. We were just given some glögg och ginger cookies as work, so it's a pretty nice atmosphere here as well. I truly love Fridays. Have a good one!



  1. Vilka fina bilder :)
    Var till Berlin i somras. Helt underbar stad! Jag vill tillbaka...

  2. Ja visst är Berlin alldeles alldeles underbar?! Och klart du ska åka tillbaka! :)

  3. Nice pictures, great mood! I have to admit that I share the same feelings, just the other way around! I miss Sweden / Malmö and some cozy glögg moments! You've got the snow and we've got the cold wind!
    Greetings from Berlin!

  4. Oh, then maybe I should take some pictures of Malmö now while it's still white and pretty.
    Hope it's not too rough down there, warm yourself with some glühwein - it's pretty close to glögg anyway ;)

  5. I lovelovelove your blog!! its wonderful! I am a new follower! I also get this feeling when I see photos of other cities i'm dying to visit!
    thanks for sharing

  6. Oh thank you thank you Nicole! So nice to read your lovely words.
    I know, it's nice to escape in your mind now and then (and for real for that matter...)
    X Hanna