Monday, October 15, 2007

New Phone!

I have finally got a new phone! After loosing my beloved phone in Malmö soon after my arrival from Sydney (loosing it there after all those adventures in Darling Harbour is rather ironic...) I now received this beauty from Sony Ericsson. This is why I've got a new blog as well as I can upload photos from my phone straight to the blog wherever I am (techniques these days...)

Updates in life: still working at H&M - yes, I'm buying more clothes than ever before.
Went on a second interview for Art Director position at IKEA Communications, have no idea how it went, they called me on Tuesday and interview was on Wednesday, very unprepared. But in case I don't get the job there is a massive chance I'm returning to Sydney by the beginning of next year. Sweden is always Sweden and I'm not ready to settle here yet. But I will keep you posted!
Xx h

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