Sunday, October 28, 2007

A holiday in Spain?

Yep, I got the job as Art Director at IKEA Communication, well Art Director assistant to begin with, which I'm more than happy with since I just graduated college. Bit confused whether I shud be happy or depressed, I was really preparing to go for my plan B and move back to Australia in January, and now when that's not happening I'm already making plans for when I can move back... Who knows, but I have definitely started saving for a cheeky visit at some point next year.
Anyway, before I start my new job I might take off to Spain for a week, some sun-therapy before my new serious life begins.. I'm heading to the office tomorrow to discuss some formalities, then just head to airport on Tuesday or Wednesday and see where I end up. There's some last minute trips going around as well so might grab one of those and bring my dear friend Victoria along, can't wait!
Lie on a beach during the day and then drink Sangria until morning arrives. Couldn't get any better.
Fingers crossed new job lets me go before I've even started tho.... Could be an issue.

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