Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1st

Well, it's been more than a month since christmas and my last update.
Xmas was great, but I'm over it, get rid of the big xmas tree in central Malmö! I want spring. Still seems pretty far away tho since it was snowing today and no sign of sun anywhere, does it even exist?
I am definitely considering a holiday in March tho, whether it will be Thailand or Spain is up to the price. Thailand seems far and short for only one week, or 10 days, so will more likely stay within Europe's borders, altho that's not so bad!
Went on a skitrip to Sälen - that was GREAT, lots of snow and real winter! But now I'm in desperate need of summer.

Work is good, I'm developing and learning. Lots and lots of studio production at the moment which is heaps of fun cause you get to work a lot with photographers and interior designers who are all passionate about their jobs. The commuting part from Malmö is not so great...
Altho I have found my own flat! It's not really the flat I wanted and expected, but it's good enough for now. Only problem is the size really. A studio apartment (with separate kitchen) and brand new in the city central. Expensive.

Come and visit!

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